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Shipping & export Switzerland

Would you like to buy your bike or components from us because it is up to 40 % cheaper than in Switzerland? - No problem, with us possible from a purchase value over 999€

We offer you the following options to get your bike/components (unfortunately, no direct shipping to Switzerland is possible to date)

  • Pick up in our showroom
  • Shipping to the Swiss border (private or company address)
  • Shipping to a packing station/parcel shop on the Swiss border (we can tell you the provider)

Regardless of whether shipping or collection, the package always includes a pre-filled export certificate for customs as well as an invoice that is required for export across the border.

As soon as you are at the border you have to do the following: (Important: there must be no more than 3 months between the purchase of the goods and the export.

1.German customs:

Here you have to present your invoice, the export certificate and your passport. The customs official may want to see the purchased goods and will then stamp the invoice and the export certificate if they are correct.

2. Swiss customs:

Now you have to do the same again at Swiss customs and this will also issue a stamp on the invoice after paying the Swiss VAT. The Swiss tax of 7.7% is collected directly.

3. Send documents to us

As soon as you have the invoice with both stamps, please send them to us in the ORIGINAL, preferably by registered mail to:

Komponenten King 

Gondelsheimer Strasse 17 

76646 Bruchsal

As soon as we have received your papers, we will immediately refund the German VAT of 19% and send you a copy of the stamped invoice and the export certificate

Ride on!