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Santa Cruz Bronson

Santa Cruz Bronson

Santa Cruz's most notorious thriller, the Bronson, is ready for action no matter what role it's cast into. The Bronson has the biggest personality in our range. From flat out on the trail to fully flat over a table, each new generation redefines expectations of what a 150mm bike can do.

The new lower-link mounted shock configuration opens up greater possibilities for maximum bump performance, a supportive mid-stroke, and a barely detectable bottom out. It’s like our most capable all-around bike just had a set of afterburners bolted on.  

With 150mm of VPP travel on 27.5-inch wheels, the Bronson continually rides the sharp edge between agility and stability. Ideal for negotiating tech-gnar one moment and fast flowing terrain the next, the 160mm fork travel and 65-degree head angle ensure handling remains refined. Meanwhile, the redesigned, one-piece swingarm keeps the rear wheel tracking on point however twisted you get.

Brand: Santa Cruz
Ausstattung R :Carbon CRockShox Yari RC, 160mm, 27.5"RockShox Super Deluxe SelectSRAM NX Eagle, 12spdSRAM NX Eagle, 12spdSRAM NX Eagle 148 DUB, 32tSRAM PG1230, 12spd, 11-50tSRAM NX Eagle, 12spdSRAM DUB 68/73mmSRAM Guide TAvid Centerline 200mm/180mmCane Creek 10 IS IntegratedBurgtec AlloyBurgtec Endu..
4,580.54€ Ex Tax:3,948.74€
Brand: Santa Cruz
Ausstattung S :Carbon CFox 36 Float Performance, 160mm, 27.5”RockShox Super Deluxe Select+SRAM GX Eagle, 12spdSRAM NX Eagle, 12spdSRAM GX Eagle 148 DUB, 32tSRAM XG1275 Eagle, 12spd, 10-50tSRAM GX Eagle, 12spdSRAM DUB 68/73mmSRAM Code RAvid Centerline 200mm/180mmCane Creek 40 IS IntegratedBurgtec All..
5,360.37€ Ex Tax:4,621.01€
Brand: Santa Cruz
Ausstattung XT :Carbon CFOX 36 Float Performance Elite, 160mm, 27.5"RockShox Super Deluxe Select+Shimano XT M8100, 12spdShimano XT M8100, 12spdShimano XT M8100, 32tShimano XT M8100, 12spd, 10-51tShimano XT, 12spdShimano XT 68/73mmShimano XT 8120Shimano XT RT-86, Ice Tech, 203mm/180mmCane Creek 40 IS..
6,140.20€ Ex Tax:5,293.28€
Brand: Santa Cruz
Ausstattung X01 :Carbon CCFOX 36 Float Factory, 160mm, 27.5"RockShox Super Deluxe UltimateSRAM X01 Eagle, 12spdSRAM X01 Eagle, 12spdSRAM X1 Eagle Carbon 148 DUB, 32tSRAM XG1295 Eagle, 12spd, 10-52tSRAM X01 Eagle, 12spdSRAM DUB 68/73mmSRAM Code RSCAvid Centerline 200mm/180mmCane Creek 40 IS Integrate..
7,212.47€ Ex Tax:6,217.65€
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