WTB Shocker - i9 Torch Naben - Chromag Phase 2019

-34% WTB Shocker - i9 Torch Naben - Chromag Phase 2019

WTB Shocker Custom Laufradsätze

Die Laufradsätze werden von der Firma Shocker, Sitz in Deutschland handgespeicht. Mit Bestnoten wurden die Laufradsätze in einigen bekannten Magazinen und Tests ausgezeichnet!

Super Rundlauf, super Speichenspannung, super stabil, super Preis

Technische Daten:

Nabe: Industry Nine Torch
Speichen: 32, Sapim D-Light - schwarz
Nippel: Sapim Alu


The PHASE30 mirrors our BA30 profile but in a lighter format that suits all mountain and trail riding conditions.

This is a high quality alloy rim that is tougher than most with added protection at the bead-walls for impact resistance and reduced sidewall cuts. The nipple/spoke bed is oriented to the spoke direction to reduce weakness caused by bend in the spoke at the nipple hole. The PHASE30 is made with premium alloy, extruded and carefully formed for consistent shape. It is then fusion welded and ground for a strong precise finish. Our fusion welding system leaves a perfect seamless joint that becomes the strongest section of the rim ensuring that your rim won’t split at the seam if you have an impact there. 

  • Chromag Phase 30 : Felgenbreite innen 30mm, Felgenbreite außen  35 mm

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