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MRP Mega / Mini G4 Carbon / Alu

MRP Mini G4 Carbon / AluThe new G4 picks up where the famous G3 left off — three consecutive appea..

169,00€ Preis ohne Steuer 142,02€

MRP G3 Stahl - 34-48t

MRP G3 Stahl - 34-48t The G3 features MRP's patented integrated skid  (US Patents RE 42,436 /..

99,00€ Preis ohne Steuer 83,19€

MRP SXg Carbon / Alu

MRP SXgWith the SXg, MRP delivers a guide without compromise and with no equal. No longer does t..

169,00€ Preis ohne Steuer 142,02€

MRP AMg Carbon / Alu

MRP AMghe newly redesigned All-Mountain Guide is the love child of two innovative and revered prod..

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MRP 2x Alu

MRP 2xDesigned to work seamlessly with the new wave of 2×10 drivetrains, the 2x utilizes MRP's pat..

165,00€ Preis ohne Steuer 138,66€